Stephen Bron (born 1993 in Long Island, New York, United States) studied Painting at Cooper Union, New York, and at New York University, New York, United States. He lives and works in New York, United States.

Stephen Bron's work is about connecting lived and imagined experiences. Thereby, he repeatedly finds inspiration in personal experiences from different times in his life, which he processes as references in his paintings. Autobiographical yet embellished and beautified moments characterize Bron as a painter who is looking closely at the world around him, processes and transforms it. There seems to be no hierarchy between a "real" experience and an imagined one.

With particular attention to paint handling and color, Bron’s paintings offer a nuanced experience for the viewer. The experience of looking at these paintings that oscillate between abstraction and figuration invites the viewer to connect to the artist's interest in memory, fantasy and storytelling.

Stephen Bron, Galerie Thomas Fuchs
With Tide and Ledge, 2022
oil on linen, 35,6 x 27,9 cm