Sebastian Gumpinger (born 1977 in Hanover, Germany) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under Günther Förg and Jean-Marc Bustamante. He now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

The protagonist in the works of Sebastian Gumpinger is the material. Gesture and ductus are of less interest to the artist, which is why Sebastian Gumpinger often refrains from using the brush as a painting tool. As a result, he experiments with different methods to bring forward the language of the material. For his window series, for example, the artist uses rectangular paper blanks that he loads with a lot of paint and then presses onto the canvas in an even grid. Peeling off the paper blanks creates a unique imprint, which the artist compares to the printing process of the monotype. Sebastian Gumpinger uses this process several times. In the end, the different layers of paint can be read from the individual structures of the different rectangles. In his "Steel Paintings" series, on the other hand, the artist uses an angle grinder to draw a continuous line on the surfaces of the steel and copper plates. The course of the line is largely determined by the properties of the material. Thus, Sebastian Gumpinger has to compromise between the path he wants to take on the plate and the path that the material allows. The result of what Gumpinger himself calls "brutal processing" of the material is a fine, delicate line in whose surface the light is reflected.

Sebastian Gumpinger allows the viewer to enter into a dialogue with the material, to study it and discover its characteristics.