Mona Ardeleanu (born 1984 in Lörrach, Germany) studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart under Alexander Roob. She lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.

Using oil paint, Mona Ardeleanu creates imaginative objects on her canvases, which evoke familiar associations in the viewer but are always free inventions of the artist. The pictorial subjects are composed of various painted elements such as folded and patterned textiles, porcelain, threads, or hair. Ardeleanu gives her object-like representations a realistic effect. On closer inspection, however, these representations are constructed contrary to any logic. The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart dedicated Mona Ardeleanu a first solo exhibition in 2013. Since then among others, a solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Nürnberg (2017) at the end of the Marianne-Defet painting scholarship and a group exhibition at the Museum Marta Herford (2018) have followed. From February to May 2020, the Deichtorhallen Hamburg showed works by Mona Ardeleanu in the large museum group exhibition "Now! Young Painting in Germany", which has already been shown in the Kunstmuseum Bonn, Museum Wiesbaden, and the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz - Museum Gunzenhauser.

Mona Ardeleanu, Kuro 2020 / I, 2020, oil on canvas, 140 x 120 cm
Kuro 2020 / I, 2020
oil on canvas, 140 x 120 cm