Carlo Krone – weberknecht, 2023



From November 24 to December 23, 2023, we will be showing works by eight artists in our last exhibition of the year in our two gallery spaces at Reinsburgstraße 68A and Augustenstraße 63. On display are works by gallery artists Yongchul Kim, Bernd Kirschner and Carlo Krone, as well as Nils Ben Brahim, Johannes Müller and Elisa Rungger, who have previously exhibited at the gallery, and, for the first time, works by Jared Cooper Cobain and Robin Wienhold.


Nils Ben Brahim


Jared Cooper Cobain


Yongchul Kim


Bernd Kirschner


Carlo Krone


Johannes Müller


Elisa Rungger


Robin Wienhold