The paintings of Dietmar Lutz offer insight into private everyday life. They do not depict extraordinary events, but capture the banalities and fleeting moments of ordinary life. Although his personal environment and private travels certainly serve Dietmar Lutz as inspiration, the images elude the clear personal attribution or placement. It is not important who or what we see, but how the atmosphere of the depicted moment presents itself.

The fleetingness and lightness in the paintings of Dietmar Lutz is also conveyed through his painting style. In quick but precise brushstrokes, the paintings are created with acrylic paints, usually on large canvas rolls that are spread out on the floor. Blank spaces show the white primed canvas. The acrylic paints are often heavily thinned and applied as a glaze. But there are also opaque areas. It is the combination of brightly colored strokes and white primer that makes the canvas appear to glow from behind like the screen of an iPad.

Dietmar Lutz also draws inspiration from digital content. In addition to personal experiences, images that the artist encounters on social media and the Internet also serve as references. Dietmar Lutz also uses cell phone snapshots as reminders and references in the painting process. Through their fleetingness and dynamism, Dietmar Lutz's paintings manage to escape the rigidity often inherent in photography without losing the momentary character of the snapshot.

Together with Sophie von Hellermann, Christian Jendreiko, Matthias Lahme, André Niebur and Marie-Céline Schäfer, Dietmar Lutz founded the artist group hobbypopMUSEUM in 1998, which is known above all for their interactive and installative exhibitions. 

Dietmar Lutz, Galerie Thomas Fuchs
o. T., 2023
acrylic on canvas 100 x 80 cm