Christian Awe ( born 1978 in Berlin, DE ) studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin. He was a student of Georg Baselitz as well as master class student of Daniel Richter (2006). In 2011 Christian Awe attended the Princeton University, NJ ( USA ) as artist in residence. He lives and works in Berlin. Awe’s works are abstract and expressive, sometimes on the edge of the concrete: colorful creations full of charisma, dynamic and emotional intensity. Compositions that appear random at first glance but in truth are deliberately created, are characterized by their vivid coloring and interplay of light and shadow. The artist combines colors and forms with a lightness that captures a moment of freedom and joie de vivre.

With his works, Awe addresses the sensual perception, the deep feeling. His works touch the senses and invite you to get carried away emotionally and to broaden the boundaries of perception.