Carlo Krone (born 2000 in Stuttgart, Germany) studies at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, DE in the class of Prof. Thomas Bechinger since 2019. He lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.

Larger than life, nostalgic, or even bizarre. In the colorful paintings of Carlo Krone we glimpse sceneries that seem extremely familiar and at the same moment thwart expectations.

The motifs that Carlo Krone deals with vary between nostalgic familiarity and visual as well as textual alienation. They come from everyday life, are sometimes set pieces of pop culture commonplaces, and often - despite all triviality - are archetypes that carry questions about human beings and their existence. Carlo Krone is interested in kitsch, interpersonal relationships, and the tragicomic.

In addition to those qualities of content of a potential pictorial object, it nevertheless only becomes interesting to him through its suitability to be translated into painting. Those figures or objects must at the same time be the occasion and venue for painterly questions, be it color tones, picture division, or the clash of different degrees of elaboration. Picture and picture object are to be driven to tense tipping points: It again and again is about dialectics between the minimal and the maximal, between exaggeration and understatement, fullness and emptiness, the trivial and the abysmal. The motifs are distorted and enlarged, squeezed into the format, cut up and transformed - inspired by a thoroughly digital understanding of the image.

"In the end, nevertheless, an impactful, immediate whole should emerge, a picture that just about withstands the test of disruption and whose content and emotional effect is carried by all painterly factors." (Carlo Krone)


Carlo Krone, Galerie Thomas Fuchs
pause, 2022
acrylic and oil on cotton, 190 x 130 cm