current exhibitions

Denis Sarazhin. Gravity

8th Nov – 21st Dec 2019


future exhibitions

Rainer Fetting. is 70 now

10th Jan – 15th Feb 2020

Friday, 10th Jan 2020, 6pm to 11pm

Steven Black.

21st Feb – 21st Mar 2020

Friday, 21st Feb 2020, 6pm to 11pm

Günter Zachariasen.

27th Mar – 2nd May 2020

Friday, 27th Mar 2020, 6pm to 11pm

Jan De Vliegher.

8th May – 20th Jun 2020

Friday, 8th May 2020, 6pm to 11pm

Peter Churcher.

26th Jun – 1st Aug 2020

Friday, 26th Jun 2020, 6pm to 11pm

past exhibitions

Art Miami

Patrick Angus, Mona Ardeleanu, Yongchul Kim, Jan De Vliegher
3rd Dec - 8th Dec 2019

Booth AM308

POSITIONS Munich Art Fair

Patrick Angus, Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein
17th Oct - 20th Oct 2019

Booth #5

Ruprecht von Kaufmann. Augen fest geschlossen

20th Sep – 2nd Nov 2019


POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair

Mona Ardeleanu, Tirtzah Bassel, TM Davy, Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Yongchul Kim, Jan De Vliegher
12th Sep - 15th Sep 2019

Booth A23

paper positions. frankfurt

Jochen Hein, Ruprecht von Kaufmann
5th Sep - 8th Sep 2019

Male. Patrick Angus, Peter Churcher, TM Davy, Rainer Fetting, Kris Knight, Martin-Jan van Santen

16th Aug – 14th Sep 2019

Friday, 16th Aug 2019, 6pm to 11pm

Jochen Hein. Illusion

12th Jul – 10th Aug 2019


Rudy Cremonini, Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein, Ruprecht von Kaufmann
10th Jun – 15th Jun 2019

Booth B06

Mona Ardeleanu. Fade

7th Jun – 6th Jul 2019

Sebastian Gumpinger. Steel Paintings

3rd May – 1st Jun 2019

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 6pm to 11pm

paper positions. berlin

Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein, Tirtzah Bassel
25th Apr - 28th Apr 2019

Booth #10

Lange Nacht der Museen

Rudy Cremonini. Borders
23rd Mar 2019, 7pm to 2am

Rudy Cremonini. Borders

22nd Mar – 27th Apr 2019

Friday, 22nd Mar 2019, 6pm to 11pm

PLAN B, New York

Jochen Hein
6th Mar – 9th Mar 2019

525 W 19 St


Patrick Angus, Mona Ardeleanu, Christian Awe, Rudy Cremonini, Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein, Jan De Vliegher and a One-Artist-Show with Yongchul Kim
21st Feb - 24th Feb 2019

Hall 2, Booth C28

Vivian Greven. Air

15th Feb – 16th Mar 2019

Friday, 15th Feb 2019, 6pm to 11pm

Patrick Angus. Landscapes and Portraits

11th Jan – 9th Feb 2019

Friday, 11th Jan 2019, 6pm to 11pm

UNTITLED Miami Beach

Patrick Angus, Rudy Cremonini, Yongchul Kim, Doron Langberg
5th Dez - 9th Dec 2018

Booth A54

Christian Awe. Perceptions

09th Nov - 22nd Dec 2018


paper positions munich

Patrick Angus, TM Davy, Jochen Hein
18th Oct - 21st Oct 2018

Booth 31


Patrick Angus, Rudy Cremonini, Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Yongchul Kim, Jan De Vliegher
27th Sep - 30th Sep 2018

Booth A20

Art Alarm

Galerienrundgang Stuttgart 2018
22nd Sep 2018, 11am to 9pm
23rd Sep 2018, 11am to 6pm

Tirtzah Bassel. When You Are Everywhere

21st Sep - 3rd Nov 2018


Mona Ardeleanu, Winston Chmielinski, Jochen Hein, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Jan De Vliegher
13th Jul - 11th Aug 2018



Christian Awe, Jochen Hein
11th Jun – 16th Jun 2018

Booth A04

TM Davy. Love Songs

8th Jun - 7th Jul 2018


Yongchul Kim. Floating

4th May - 2nd Jun 2018


paper positions berlin

Patrick Angus, Jochen Hein, Ruprecht von Kaufmann
26th Apr - 29th Apr 2018

Booth B07

Bertram Hasenauer. Empty Pools

23rd Mar - 28th Apr 2018

Lange Nacht der Museen

Jan De Vliegher. Beaches
17th Mar 2018, 7pm to 2am


Ruprecht von Kaufmann
7th Mar – 11th Mar 2018


Patrick Angus, Mona Ardeleanu, Tirtzah Bassel, Rudy Cremonini, Rainer Fetting, Vivian Greven, Jan De Vliegher and a One-Artist-Show with Jochen Hein
22nd Feb - 25th Feb 2018

Hall 2, Booth C28

Jan De Vliegher. Beaches

16th Feb - 17th Mar 2018

Ruprecht von Kaufmann. Liederbuch

12th Jan - 10th Feb 2018


Linie West

14th Dez 2017, 5pm to 9 pm

art UNTITLED Miami Beach

Patrick Angus, Rudy Cremonini, Ruprecht von Kaufmann
6th Dez - 10th Dec 2017

Booth E19

Martin-Jan van Santen. Late Summer

10th Nov 2017 - 5th Jan 2018

Paper Positions Munich

Patrick Angus, Jochen Hein
26th Oct - 29th Oct 2017

Wall 30

Linie West

12th Oct 2017, 5pm to 9 pm

Art Alarm

Galerienrundgang Stuttgart 2017
23rd Sep 2017, 11am to 9pm
24th Sep 2017, 11am to 5pm

Jochen Hein. Nothing as it seems

22nd Sep - 4th Nov 2017


Patrick Angus, Rudy Cremonini, TM Davy, Rainer Fetting, Bertram Hasenauer, Jochen Hein
14th Sep – 17th Sep 2017

Booth A11

Alfio Giurato

4th Aug - 9th Sep 2017


Rudy Cremonini. The Club

23rd Jun - 29th Jul 2017

Linie West

22nd Jun 2017, 5pm to 9 pm


Jochen Hein
12th Jun – 17th Jun 2017

Booth C24

Rainer Fetting

5th May - 17th Jun 2017

Paper Positions Berlin

Patrick Angus
28th Apr - 30th Apr 2017

Lange Nacht der Museen

Winston Chmielinski. Choose Your Own Adventure
25th Mar 2017, 7pm to 2am


Rudy Cremonini
1st Mar – 5th Mar 2017


Hall 2 Booth B32
Patrick Angus, Mona Ardeleanu, Rudy Cremonini, Vivian Greven, Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein
16th Feb - 19th Feb 2017

Steven Black

20th Jan - 11th Mar 2017

art UNTITLED Miami Beach

Patrick Angus
Booth D25
30th Nov - 4th Dec 2016

Mona Ardeleanu. The Fold

11th Nov 2016 - 14th Jan 2017

Art Alarm

Galerienrundgang Stuttgart 2016
24th Sep 2016, 11am - 8pm
25th Sep 2016, 11am - 6pm

Patrick Angus. Your Own Life

23rd Sep - 5th Nov 2016



Patrick Angus, Steven Black, Winston Chmielinski, Rudy Cremonini, Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein
15th Sep – 18th Sep 2016

Marco Faisst. Jacke wie Hose

5th Aug - 10th Sep 2016

Vivian Greven. False Head

24th Jun - 30th Jul 2016

Tomas Nemec

18th Mar - 23rd Apr 2016


Booth A07
Jochen Hein
2nd Mar – 6th Mar 2016


Hall 2 Booth B32
Patrick Angus, Steven Black, Rudy Cremonini, Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein
18th Feb - 21st Feb 2016

Regina Nieke "paintings"

22nd Jan - 27th Feb 2016
Opening: Friday, 22nd Jan 2016, 6pm to 10pm

Matthias Galvez "Die Enthusiasten"

11th Dec 2015 – 16th Jan 2016


art UNTITLED Miami Beach

Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein
Booth D22
2nd Dec - 6th Dec 2015

Sebastian Lettner "eclisse"

6th Nov – 5th Dec 2015

Art Alarm

16. Galerienrundgang Stuttgart
26th Sep 2015, 11am - 8pm
27th Sep 2015, 11am - 6pm

Jochen Hein "Blau"

25th Sep – 31st Oct 2015


Booth A08
Winston Chmielinski, Rainer Fetting, Sebastian Gumpinger, Jochen Hein, Sebastian Lettner
17th Sep – 20th Sep 2015

Lars Theuerkauff "Nacht"

7th Aug – 12th Sep 2015

Art Bodensee

Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein, Sebastian Lettner, Tomas Nemec, Martin-Jan van Santen
10th Jul – 12th Jul 2015

Rudy Cremonini "the pleasure is yours"

8th May – 20th Jun 2015


Lange Nacht der Museen

Solo Show Patrick Angus
14th Mar 2015, 7pm to 2am


Hall 2 Booth B32
Rudy Cremonini, Rainer Fetting, Jochen Hein
5th Mar – 8th Mar 2015

Patrick Angus

13th Feb – 21st Mar 2015

Yves Beaumont

9th Jan – 7th Feb 2015

art UNTITLED 2014, Miami Beach

Soloshow Rainer Fetting
Booth C11
3rd - 7th Dec 2014

Martin-Jan van Santen

14th Nov 2014 – 3rd Jan 2015

Art Alarm

15. Galerienrundgang Stuttgart
27th Sep 2014, 11am - 8pm
28th Sep 2014, 11am - 6pm

Rainer Fetting

19th Sep – 8th Nov 2014

Vivian Greven "Diana"

8th Aug – 13th Sep 2014

Art Bodensee

Rainer Fetting, Sebastian Lettner
Hall 14 Booth 03
11th Jul – 13th Jul 2014

Steven Black

27th Jun – 2nd Aug 2014

Tomas Nemec "Blooming"

16th May – 21st Jun 2014

Sebastian Gumpinger "nowhere..."

11th Apr – 10th May 2014

Lange Nacht der Museen

"Nighttime in New York: Doron Langberg and Sam McKinniss"
15th Mar 2014, 7pm - 2am


Rainer Fetting, Rudy Cremonini, Sebastian Gumpinger, Tomas Nemec
Hall 2 Booth B32
13th Mar – 16th Mar 2014

Sebastian Lettner "palermo"

10th Jan – 15th Feb 2014


Rainer Fetting, Bernd Kirschner, Tomas Nemec
29th Nov 2013 – 4th Jan 2014


Bertram Hasenauer, Kris Knight, Martin-Jan van Santen
25th Oct  – 27th Nov 2013

Rudy Cremonini

20th Sep – 23th Oct 2013

Marco Faisst

2nd Aug - 7th Sep 2013

Lars Theuerkauff "Insel"

28th Jun - 31st Jul 2013

Yves Beaumont "A Journey"

31st May - 26th Jun 2013

Face and Skin

Steven Black, Rudy Cremonini, TM Davy, Rainer Fetting, Tomas Nemec and Martin-Jan van Santen
26th Apr 
- 29th May 2013

Lange Nacht der Museen

Solo Show Sebastian Gumpinger
16th Mar 2013, 7pm - 2am

Sebastian Gumpinger

15th Mar - 20th Apr 2013

Rainer Fetting "new paintings"

18th Jan - 23rd Feb 2013

Tomas Nemec "Summer"

30th Nov 2012 - 12th Jan 2013

Gero Beer "paintings"

26th Oct - 24th Nov 2012

Martin-Jan van Santen "Corpus"

14th Sep – 20th Oct 2012

Gallery opening - Groupshow

1st Jul – 8th Sep 2012